Amazing Spider-Man #35

UK Edition ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 1966
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April 1966


THE MOLTEN MAN REGRETS...! Molten Man sees Judge Hizzoner and the Judge takes pity on him and lets him go without any punishment since he has agreed to pay for the damage he has caused. Molten Man goes free and shows he has no intentions of going straight. After some planning, he enters into a jewelry store and asks to see the most expensive items for sale. Once they are outside the safe, the owner tries to stop Molten Man but bullets bounce off and the gun is crushed inside his hand. Spider-Man swings around and notices the theft in progress, and not knowing the thief's true identity, is clobbered around and Molten Man escapes. After some deduction, Spidey figures that only Molten Man could hit him that hard and crush a gun in his bare hand.  Spider-Man tracks down Molten Man's old house and follows him with a Spider-Tracer to the same jewelry shop he initially tried to rob. Spider-Man tries to catch him in webbing and the two trade punches back and forth. Molten Man escapes but Spider-Man catches up with him at Raxton's home. Spider-Man grabs a nearby rope and, similar to their last fight, hog-ties Molten Man together and brings proof to the police tying him to the attempted robbery. Peter goes to sell his pictures of Molten Man to J. Jonah Jameson, but finds out that Betty Brant no longer works there. A replacement secretary hands him a self-portrait he gave to Betty signed "To Betty – Forever! Peter", but it ends up in the trash as he realizes both Ned Leeds and her are gone to the west coast and most likely are married.

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