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  • A modern take on George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm
  • [December 2021- this is off to a good start. The story is well-written and the art is equal parts cute and gruesome. Inventory seems scarce but there are a lot of sellers who may be holding in hopes that the book will have a trajectory similar to Stray Dogs. Indie titles that present a twist on classic literature like Never Never (Peter Pan) and Nottingham (Robin Hood) have also done well this year. The writer is an experienced creator so it's less likely the story will fall apart as it progresses. The publisher, Ablaze, is mostly unknown therefore orders were probably low although scarcity means nothing if a majority of owners are intending to sell. Check your shops and look at sites outside of eBay if you're interested in getting ahold of this while it's still under the radar. If you find yourself with 10 minutes to spare, it's worth the read]
Publisher Ablaze
Published December 2021
Written By Xavier Dorison
Illustrated By Felix Delep