Aquaman #22

DC ⋅ 1965

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Hila aka Siren, the twin sister of Mera

Issue Details




Nick Cardy


August 1965


A playful Queen Mera, entices her husband, Aquaman, into pursuing her for a kiss. Catching up to her, Aquaman takes his prize, only the woman he kisses isn't Mera. It is her twin sister, Hila. As Hila is regarded as the black sheep of the family, Mera, out of shame, has never told Aquaman that she even had a sister, let alone a twin. Hila, along with her love, a man named Kandor, were exiled from Dimension Aqua, for crimes, she contends, they did not commit. Hila has come to ask her sister to free her from the hold Kandor has over her, so that she can start a new life. Hila leads Aquaman and Mera to the mouth of an underground river, one that leads to Kandor's lair, deeply recessed inside an underwater mountain. Posing as Hila, Mera takes the jeweled starfish, that Hila was sent out to obtain, and approaches Kandor's throne room. Aquaman hangs back, in the shadows, preparing to strike. Mera is startled to see a large amphibious creature sitting on the throne, and wonders why Hila had made no mention of Kandor's horrific transformation. The robed toad, however, is revealed to be a decoy, as the real Kandor appears, behind Mera, grabbing her. Mera calls out to Aquaman, but it is too late. Kandor has already trapped the Sea King.Kandor and Hila had planned all along to ensnare Aquaman. Mera is furious that she fell for her sister's lies. Kandor, too, is angry, as Hila was supposed to return with Aquaman alone, not send Mera in her place. Kandor seeks the whereabouts of the "Seven Golden Eels", fabled to bestow great power upon whosoever grasps them. Aquaman refuses to give up the whereabouts of the eels. Kandor unleashes three deadly challenges to try to loosen Aquaman's tongue. First, one thousand and one harpoons are hurled at Aquaman. Aquaman dodges several volleys, before grabbing a harpoon and using it to block the remaining spears. Next, a pulverizing pendulum descends on Aquaman. Aquaman evades the first swing, but takes a glancing blow from the second. Thrown to...

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