Avengers #11

Marvel ⋅ 1964

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Key Facts

First meeting of Spider-Man and the Avengers: Captain America, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp

2nd appearance of Kang the Conqueror

2nd appearance of Wonder Man, in a one panel flashback to Avengers #9 but in an original illustration

Issue Details




Jack Kirby


Stan Lee


December 1964


THE MIGHTY AVENGERS MEET SPIDER-MAN! Iron Man is declared on a leave of absence from the Avengers as he is missing, and now that they are weaker, Kang tries to defeat them again. He creates a replica robot of Spider-Man, because of his vast range of powers.  The robot Spider-Man attempts to join the Avengers, claiming he knows the whereabouts of Iron Man. He leads the Avengers to a temple, where he separates them and defeats them all, one by one. However, the real Spider-Man appears on the scene and defeats the robot copy and saves the Avengers.

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