Avengers #57

Marvel ⋅ 1968

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Vision

2nd appearance of Ultron

Issue Details




John Buscema


Roy Thomas


October 1968


"Behold... The Vision!" The Vision enters the Avengers HQ and approaches the Wasp, but he falls and collapses. Goliath rushes in, wondering what happened, and finds the Vision in a crumpled heap on the floor. Meanwhile, Hawkeye visits Natasha to find she has decided to become the Black Widow again. He receives a call to return to the mansion. Black Panther foils a robbery and is also called. While examining the Vision, he bursts back into life and attacks the Avengers again. He calms down and informs the Avengers that he has been sent by Ultron-5 to destroy them. He leads the Avengers back to Ultron's hideout into a trap, but the Vision himself challenges Ultron and wins, saving the Avengers.

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