Avengers Academy #1

1:25 ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 2010

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Key Facts

Variant cover art by Marko Djurdjevic

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Marko Djurdjevic


August 2010


PERMANENT RECORD, PART 1 Continued from Enter the Heroic Age #1 Determined to keep the tradition alive, Hank Pym leads a core team of veteran heroes in creating a place where the next generation of Earth's Mightiest can be trained by the greatest of those who preceded them.  An institution where everyone who has ever been an Avenger can share their skill, knowledge and experience.  The future is in their hands...and in the hands of the six young superhumans chosen to make up the inaugural class.  But who are they?  And what dark secret will turn their world -- and potentially the entire universe -- upside down?  If you think this is just another teen hero book...the last page shocker will prove you wrong! 

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