Batman #591

DC ⋅ 2001

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Mallory Moxon

Issue Details




Ed Brubaker


Scott McDaniel

Cover Artist

Scott McDaniel


Karl Story


Wildstorm FX


Roberta Tewes


John Costanza

Cover Artist

Patrick Martin


July 2001


SHOT THROUGH THE HEART PART 1 Barbara Gordon asks Renée Montoya about the new Commissioner, Michael Akins and how he's settling in. His attitude to Batman is particularly interesting, and Montoya explains why this is. Years ago, the work of the police department in Gateway City was undermined by a vigilante named Watchdog - the people of the city refused to cooperate with the police, thinking that Watchdog would solve everything. Unfortunately, a kidnapping investigation went horribly wrong, ending in the death of both the vigilante and the kidnappers and ensuring that the victim was not found for several weeks - dead, having been locked in a car's trunk for the whole time. However, Akins knows that Gotham City needs Batman, and that frightens him.  Back at Wayne Manor, Sasha reminds Bruce of tonight's reception party welcoming Lew back to Gotham. Bruce had totally forgotten about the party and goes down to the Batcave to research Moxon's history. Lew Moxon used to be a powerful underworld figure in Gotham in the years preceding Batman's first appearance. But when he began to dabble in politics, his past came back to haunt him and Lew was forced to flee the country. But now he's back, and looking to plant a stake in his Gotham interests once again.   That night, all of Gotham's elite gather at the Lew Moxon reception. Bruce re-unites with Mallory Moxon, and suddenly he remembers meeting Lew once before. When Bruce was around eight-years-old, he met young Mallory at the Du Lac Resort while vacationing. The two shared their first kiss together at that time.   Not only is Bruce surprised to see Mallory again, he is equally surprised to find that Zeiss is Lew Moxon's bodyguard. He secretly communes with Oracle and has her gather as much information on Zeiss as she can.   Suddenly, Deadshot begins firing shots from a sky-walk across the street. He isn't trying to hit anyone. He is merely testing Zeiss' capabilities. Bruce changes to Batman and leaps out the window. But before he lands, Deadshot shoots the Bat-Line in half.

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