Batman #66

DC ⋅ 1951

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Key Facts

Cover art by Bob Kane featuring the Joker

Joker repeatedly uses the word 'boner' throughout this story, panels that often show up on social media posts

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Issue Details




Bob Kane


Bill Finger


August 1951


THE JOKER’S COMEDY OF ERRORS! After a failed crime, The Joker becomes obsessed with recreating some of history's most famous blunders and tries to force Batman into making mistakes while catching him. His plan almost succeeds, but the Dynamic Duo finds a way to stop and capture the Clown Prince of Crime. THE MOVIE STARS WHO DIED TWICE! When film stars start dying in the same way as their respective characters died in the movies, Batman and Robin investigate the case and discover that the actors are not actually dead, but instead they've been kidnapped by an elder filmmaker who is forcing them to perform in his latest film. Batman and Robin find the location where the old man is keeping the actors and they rescue them by using some of the filmmaker's old films. When the nearest dam breaks down, water starts submerging the entire place and the old maniac dies as a result. BATMAN II AND ROBIN, JUNIOR! During a mission capturing crooks, Robin becomes too reckless and disobeys Batman's command. The kid has to be saved by the Dark Knight and once they're back in the Batcave, Bruce scolds Robin for disobeying him. Later that night, Dick Grayson dreams of a future time in which Bruce is too old to remain active as Batman and he has to take up the mantle, working with his only son as his partner, Robin Jr. In the dream, Dick Grayson is Batman II and he teaches his son the importance of following orders and teamwork. However, during one mission, Robin Jr. disobeys his dad's command and Batman II is forced to rescue the young man. Despite his best efforts, Dick is unable to rescue Robin Jr. and his harsh actions have doomed them both to a certain death. Dick Grayson then wakes up and Bruce gives him the task of mowing the lawn as a punishment for last night's blunder. Dick has learned his lesson and he finishes his job just as Bruce told him.

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