Batman #685

DC ⋅ 2009

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Key Facts

Cover art by Alex Ross

Issue Details




Paul Dini


Dustin Nguyen


Derek Fridolfs


Guy Major


John J. Hill

Cover Artist

Alex Ross


January 2009


CATSPAW Catwoman holds Hush in the poacher camp that she's recently taken control of. She explains that their meeting is by chance, as she only came to Vietnam recently so she could take down these poachers. Hush is tortured using a rhino, and Catwoman explains her plan to use him in an escape plot later that night. Although she was able to commandeer these criminals using her super-villain reputation, she has no exit strategy and decides to release him into the jungle with her trusted underlings Bao and Quan. During this conversation it is also revealed that the real Bruce Wayne has gone missing leaving Hush free to steal his identity. Catwoman releases Hush and sets the stolen animals free while the poachers chase him down into the jungle. Their leader catches her in the act, but is quickly mauled by a tiger she let go. Hush offers to bribe Bao and Quan but they're revealed to be Nightwing and Robin in disguise. They take Hush back to Wayne Tower as their prisoner, where it's explained he'll sit in a well-protected cell until they can sort out problems with his new identity as Bruce.

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