Batman #684

DC ⋅ 2009

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Key Facts

Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

Issue Details




Dennis O'Neil


Guillem March


Jared K. Fletcher

Cover Artist

Alex Ross


January 2009


LAST DAYS OF GOTHAM PART 2 The pizza delivery boy tries to wake up Nightwing while the fire keeps burning the whole place. Nightwing recovers and they realize that all the exits have been blocked except for the skylight from which Nightwing broke into the place. The delivery boy tells Nightwing that he was a gymnastic champion at school and starts climbing a chain to the exit, much to Nightwing's surprise. When they reach the rooftop, the boy jumps to a nearby tree and lands safely on the street. Nightwing follows him and finds that his bike had been stolen. Seeing Nightwing in a desperate estate, the delivery boy offers to give him a ride.  A few hours later at Wayne Manor, Nightwing arrives after a failed mission and keeps talking about how he failed in every sense. Alfred suggests him that he shouldn't keep punishing himself so badly and instead learn from his mistakes, just like his mentor did in the beginning.   At that moment, the villain Gracchus and his gang are stealing a jewelry and he is still impersonating Two-Face, with the intention of driving attention away from them. Knowing that the mayor is holding a reception at City Hall, Gracchus calls the Gotham City Police Department and tells Commissioner Gordon that Two-Face is going to attack the mayor's ceremony. Gordon sends the GCPD to the place and before leaving himself, he goes to the rooftop along with Bullock and turns on the Bat-Signal.   Meanwhile, at the Batcave, Nightwing starts reflecting on the last night's events and he realizes that maybe Two-Face isn't involved in the recent crimes, as none of them match his usual M.O. Nightwing also recalls the vehicle that the criminals used to escape and he decides that it's time to move on again. However, Alfred reminds him that he doesn't have a bike anymore and suggests him to take one of Batman's Batmobiles. Nightwing doesn't like the idea, but he has no other option.   Moments later, Nightwing arrives at the GCPD following the Bat-Signal and he is informed about Two-Face's plan. However, Nightwing asks Gordon and Bullock about Millicent Mayne and they inform him that after the incident that left her face scarred, she has been sighted wandering one of the blocks that was never restored after the earthquake. Nightwing leaves the place and goes down the stairs, much to Gordon and Bullock's disappointment when they compare that action with Batman's usual disappearing act. Afterwards, Gordon and Bullock decide to join the rest of the GCPD at the Mayor's ceremony.   Nightwing goes to the block where Mayne is usually seen and he found her sitting in front of a destroyed theater. Mayne knew of Nightwing's arrival and she tells him the story about her and Gracchus years ago when the earthquake destroyed the place. Mayne informs Nightwing that the diamonds were lost in the accident and that they are most likely buried in the rubble inside the theater. Nightwing deduced that Gracchus might be arriving soon to take back the diamonds and he knows he is right when he sees the car form last night approaching. Gracchus, still wearing the Two-Face mask, and his men get inside the ruins of the theater and they start digging inside the rubble until they find the bad of diamonds. Nightwing appears and takes them all out, this time, much more careful of his actions and he actually manages to beat them all with no effort. Mayne witness the whole scene and she is delighted when Nightwing comes up victorious. Nightwing tells her that he is going to deliver them to the police, but that he would return to talk with her and Mayne simply tells him that she'll be waiting for him.   Later at the GCPD, Bullock informs Gordon about the criminals that have been delivered to them and that Two-Face is not actually responsible for the crimes. However, when Gordon learns that it was Nightwing who delivered them instead of Batman, he loses whatever hopes he had left and just tells Bullock to go home.   That night, Nightwing and Millicent Mayne shared their thoughts on the current situation of the city. Nightwing knows that he must move on, but Mayne is always going to be there, in the same place.

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