Batman Chronicles #18

DC ⋅ 1999

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Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

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Devin Grayson


Dale Eaglesham

Cover Artist

Dale Eaglesham


Jaime Mendoza


John Floyd


Pamela Rambo


Ken Lopez

Cover Artist

Patrick Martin


October 1999


NO MAN'S LAND PART 44 SPIRITUAL CURRENCY Leslie Thompkins wakes up after having a nightmare of a monster coming to her medical center in Park Row. She gets out of her van and goes to see Mikey, the former False Facer, who is looking over an unconscious Mr. Zsasz. Leslie tells Mikey to be careful when near Zsasz and then she goes to check on another patient who is badly injured. Leslie walks out of the medical center and calls for the man who is hiding in the shadows of the street. Out comes Killer Croc and asks for his friend's state. Croc's friend is Leslie's second patient and she tells him that he is pretty bad. Croc is furious at Zsasz for attacking his friend and leaving him in that damaged way. Croc is about to break into the medical center and attack Zsasz but Leslie talks to him and convinces him to stay outside until his friend has recovered. Suddenly a bullet strikes at Croc's feet and he runs away in fear. Bill Pettit arrives with his group of renegade police officers and with Huntress. They attack Croc believing that the monster will attack Leslie. Pettit takes his injured men to Leslie's center and then starts to chase Killer Croc down.  When Leslie returns to see how Mikey is doing, she finds that Zsasz is attacking him even in his unconscious state. Zsasz cuts Mikey in the arm's artery and Leslie rushes to stop the bleeding. Huntress is opposed to have Zsasz inside the medical center and she and Leslie argue about it for a while. Huntress gives up and lets Leslie have her way. At that moment, Batman and Batgirl arrive at Leslie's place to deliver some medical supplies for her. Batman is horrified when he discovers that Leslie is taking care of Zsasz and that she would use the medical supplies to save Zsasz's life. After that, a gunshot is heard outside the medical center and Batman goes to see what it is. Outside is Pettit struggling with Huntress for his firearm. She wants to take it off before Batman could see it but her efforts are futile as Batman arrives and sees the weapon. From a collapsed building, Croc announces that he is going to strike back. Batman returns to the medical center and tries to talk sense to Leslie about Zsasz, but instead she is mean to Bruce and he has no other option but to leave the place. He leaves the place under Batgirl's watch and he left while Huntress and Pettit are arguing.   Leslie uses the medical supplies on Zsasz and he recovers from his unconsciousness. Zsasz is disoriented and attacks Mikey at once. Batgirl and Huntress listen to the noise and checks on Leslie and Killer Croc seizes the chance to attack Pettit. Batgirl and Huntress witness an act of bravery never seen before: Leslie is confronting Zsasz and challenging him to attack her. Zsasz is confused and stops for a while when suddenly Huntress attacks Batgirl and both start to fight. Zsasz is about to attack Leslie when he is plucked away by Killer Croc who defeated Pettit and is now seeking revenge against Zsasz for his friend. Both of them fight for a while and after a few minutes Batman appears and stops Zsasz by placing him inside a man-size pipe. Croc runs away and Batman takes Zsasz from Leslie's medical center. Before leaving, Leslie hugs Batman and tells him that she is glad for all he does for the city. Leslie asks Batman about Zsasz's future and he tells her that Nightwing will take Blackgate back and Zsasz will be placed there.   Later, Leslie recalls her nightmare, in which the monster turns out to be Batman and instead of hurting Leslie, he falls to his knees asking for Leslie's forgiveness. In the dream, she tells him that she will always be there for him as he will always be there for Gotham.   Somewhere near Blackgate Penitentiary, Batman is aware of Leslie's care for him and silently, he thanks her.

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