Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #126

DC ⋅ 1999

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Greg Rucka


Devin Grayson


Dale Eaglesham


Damion Scott


John Floyd


Pamela Rambo


Willie Schubert


December 1999


NO MAN'S LAND PART 84: ENDGAME PART 1 - SILENT NIGHT At the breaking of dawn of November 29th, Gotham City is invaded by members of the United States Army, S.T.A.R. Labs, Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp all carrying as many people, vehicles, supplies and construction materials with the sole purpose of turning No Man's Land into a livable city until January 1st.  All the citizens of Gotham are overwhelmed by the incoming people and efforts to rebuild the city, but with their combined efforts, the big companies manage to generate energy and supply the people with the basic services.   However, not everyone is happy with the reopening of the city. Joker is brooding and thinking of something that will make him the center of attention. Joker realizes that he can strike near the opening day of Gotham to make it much more dramatic. Harley doesn't understand at first, so Joker strangles her while he explains his thinking.   As days pass, the people of Gotham are slowly watching how their city is becoming alive again. With the help provided by the outside, the people are very happy. All of them except Batman, who suddenly realizes that Joker has disappeared from the map. Batman tells Oracle to keep an eye for any notice of the Joker as it is now his first priority.   Meanwhile, at William Pettit's territory, he commands his people to stay in their base during the incoming night of Christmas eve. When some of his men tell him that they need to go to their families, Pettit threatens them and almost shoots one of his own men. Huntress stops him from firing his weapon but it is clear now that Pettit is unstable and that he could lose grips of reality any time soon. Watching the situation from afar is Robin who is later found by Nightwing and both of them go to meet Batman at Gordon's place to discuss their next course of action to find Joker.   With their Headquarters reopened, the GCPD is back in action and James Gordon is reinstated as Police Commissioner. Sarah Essen calls Montoya to tell her that because of the past situation with Two-Face, she is promoted to detective second grade. In the meantime, Batman questions the most prominent criminals in Gotham about the Joker's whereabouts but all his efforts are futile. Nobody knows where the clown is and nobody cares.   On Christmas Eve, the people of Gotham are having the traditional Christmas dinner. The Gordons are at Barbara's place, Montoya and Bullock are at the Montoya's place, Tim Drake and his father have returned to Gotham and are at their old place while Bruce, Dick, Alfred and Leslie are staying at one of Wayne Enterprises buildings.   Pettit and his people are staying at the refugee camp in the middle of the city. Things are quiet enough for Christmas Eve, but suddenly one of the guards posted outside reports that he just made contact with the Joker. Pettit tells everyone to stand and fight but Huntress tries to tell them that it is a trap. Outside the camp, Joker along with Harley Quinn have just killed the guards and are calling the rest of them to come out.

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