Batman: Shadow of the Bat #90

DC ⋅ 1999

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Key Facts

Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

Issue Details




Larry Hama


Paul Gulacy


Tony Harris

Cover Artist

Tony Harris


Ray Snyder


Randy Emberlin


Felix Serrano


Willie Schubert


October 1999


NO MAN'S LAND PART 55: LOW ROAD TO GOLDEN MOUNTAIN PART 2 - POSITIVE ROLE MODEL Batman and Lynx are surrounded by the gang called The Fist of Heavenly Serendipity and Lynx tries to taunt them to attack and make mistakes. Jade-Faced Wu, the leader of the gang appears and tells Lynx that her efforts are futile and then he orders his men to attack the duo. Batman and Lynx fight them all and are beating them when Lynx decides to go straight for Wu and attack the head of the gang. Batman follows her to the main building where Wu is along with the illegal immigrants. Batman and Lynx stand their ground and fight them. The way Lynx is fighting inspires a little girl that was enslaved as well as the other immigrants. Lynx does her best but she and Batman are outnumbered and because of exhaustion, Lynx starts to lose against Wu's men. Batman takes Lynx and they move out of the place. Wu stares at the both of them while leaning on a broken window. The little girl called Mei is angry at Wu and his people and seeing the man in that position, she decides to take matters into her own hands.  Batman takes Lynx to a doctor in Chinatown and the doctor heals Lynx as best as he can. When Lynx recovers she wants to go back to the war zone and despite Batman and the doctor's denial, she goes there. Batman follows her and upon arriving, they find it in complete silence and later they find that Wu has been killed and the people are standing in a funeral march carrying a little coffin through the streets of Chinatown. Lynx asks an old man what happened and the old man tells her that the little girl, Mei pushed Wu to his death after being inspired by Lynx's bravery. That action caused a rebellion that ended up with the slaves fighting back for their freedom and the death of the gang members in hands of the oppressed slaves. But the rebellion took its toll and Mei was killed in the insurrection.   Lynx is completely devastated for the outcome and demands Batman for an explanation. Batman tells her the cold truth about being a hero and she tells him that she will never care again for that kind of thing.   Elsewhere in Gotham City, Bane is preparing great amounts of explosives for his next attack: The Gotham Hall of Records.

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