Bomb Queen #1

Image ⋅ 2006

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Bomb Queen, a super-villain who rules New Port City, a haven for criminals

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Jimmie Robinson


Jimmie Robinson


February 2006


For a decade, the egomaniacal super-villain known as Bomb Queen has ruled the city, made the laws and bent the people to her blood lust and sexual perversion. However, despite years of death, destruction and moral decay, the people of New Port City prefer Bomb Queen's methods. All hell breaks loose when a hero comes to town and turns Bomb Queen's world upside down. This hero has to die - or Bomb Queen will loose her rule!A new candidate, Robert Woods, is running for mayor of New Port and his campaign is built on the idea of restoring order upon the citizens. The city has been controlled by the super-villain Bomb Queen for more than a decade and the populace seems content. In order to bring down Bomb Queen he secretly bribes the super-hero Ace Justice to defeat her.

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