Brave and the Bold, The #100

DC ⋅ 1972

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Key Facts

Anniversary of Brave and the Bold issue #100

Issue Details




Nick Cardy


Bob Haney


February 1972


THE WARRIOR IN A WHEEL-CHAIR When Batman is struck by a snipers bullet, only the skilled surgeon Dr. Hellstrom can save his life, however the doctor has to travel to Gotham from Zürich. Meanwhile, Batman is in a weakened condition right at a critical point in his mission to bus the latest shipment of Cocaine into Gotham City.   Unable to finish the job himself at risk of killing himself, Batman enlists the aid of Robin, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Green Lantern to help him. He sends the group out to seek out his leads however, each and every single one leads to a dead end.   When Batman is undergoing is surgery, the lead surgeon is revealed not to be Dr. Hellstrom, but the drug lord Belknap, who has taken Hellstrom's place to try and kill Batman on the operating table. Stopped by the other heroes, Green Lantern then uses his power ring to bring the real Dr. Hellstrom to Gotham. Finding something wrong with one of the instruments, Hellstrom finds the drug shipment stashed away in it's cabinet.   The operation a success, Batman recuperates in the hospital, thanking his friends for coming to his aid. HIDE AND SEEK This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #210.

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