Bulletman #1

Fawcett ⋅ 1941

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Key Facts

First solo series featuring Bulletman

Silver metallic cover inks

Issue Details




Charles Sultan


May 1941


Bulletman and Bulletgirl now have their own series!! "The Black Spider" --  Years earlier, convicted murderer Jules Rey was deported to his native France and imprisoned in a dungeon, where he went blind, went mad, and befriended a number of large, deadly spiders.  Now he has returned to the USA, assembled a gang, and set up a hideout under a hollow oak tree in the forest near the city. He has a list of persons whom he blames for his imprisonment; Sergeant Kent, Susan Kent, and Jim Barr are on that list. The Black Spider's modus operandi includes sending written threats to his victims, kidnapping his victims, bringing them to his hidden lair, and having his spiders kill them, then removing the bodies to be found elsewhere. "The Deviltry of Dr. Mood" --  Dr. Mood, renegade Secret Service officer, along with two henchmen, visits an important admiral at his home and kidnaps him at gunpoint, plus pistol-whips his wife. The next day at police headquarters, Sergeant Kent and Jim Barr have a conversation about this, then Kent goes to redeploy his cops while Barr changes into the Bulletman and flies out in search of the kidnappers. "The Man Who Learned Bulletman's Secret Identity" --  Bull Morello escapes from prison and rebuilds his old Murder Syndicate. Meanwhile, low-level thug Ratty learns Bulletman's secret identity and rushes to tell Morello about this important secret. "The Man Mountain" --  The "Man Mountain" is about 25 feet tall, seems to have no name, talks like a mental defective, and is on display in a circus sideshow. Machine Gun Kelly robs the circus, and at gunpoint extracts from the two owners the secret of controlling the giant, then he guns them both down. The giant’s diet of molasses is what makes him controllable. Kelly, his gang and their giant go on a crime rampage; banks are looted, security guards and city police suffer at least three fatalities, and even Bulletman has met his match when he confronts the Man Mountain!

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