Captain America #310

Marvel ⋅ 1985

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Key Facts

1st team appearance of Serpent Society, formerly the Serpent Squad: Cottonmouth (1st), Bushmaster II (1st), Diamondback (1st), Asp (1st), Rattler (1st), Death Adder, Princess Python, Black Mamba, Cobra, Anaconda, Constrictor, Sidewinder

Issue Details




Paul Neary


Mark Gruenwald


October 1985


"Serpents of the World Unite!" The Serpent Society is formed. Captain America tangles with Anaconda and Constrictor learns the importance of not crossing the society.SynopsisIn the combat simulation room, Captain America spars with fellow Avengers Black Knight and Starfox. He tosses Black Knight aside, but Starfox grapples him. Cap merely throws Starfox off of him, scolding him for not taking the sessions more serious. Starfox and Black Knight whisper to each other some fighting moves, and Starfox decides to use his pleasurable mental powers on Cap. While he is stunned, both Black Knight and Starfox rush him. However, Captain America quickly grabs them both and smashes them into the padded floor. Starfox, astonished, asks how Cap got through his euphoric abilities. Cap remarks that he knew Starfox's powers and what they could do, plus he already finds the sparring matches exhilarating as it is. Black Knight thanks Cap for the sessions, as he doesn't wish to embarrass himself without his sword. Starfox, too, enjoys the matches, though it is not his "favorite form of exercise."In the locker rooms, Captain America commends Black Knight on his prowess. Dane replies that he would be willing to tutor him in swordsmanship. Later, Steve, in civilian clothes, rushes to meet with Bernie and help her at the store. On the subway, Steve thinks to himself that he is thankful for the weekly training sessions, as they are the only forms of stability in his life right now. A pair of teenagers reading a Captain America comic startles Steve. He then has an epiphany... why doesn't HE draw comic books for a living?After a few stops, Steve goes to the nearest news stand and picks up five comic books. As he is walking to Bernie's store, he gets excited over the idea of drawing stories based on his adventures. He makes it to Bernie's, where she, her ex-partner Annie Brennan, and Annie's friend Armand are all packing away the belongings. Steve excitedly tells Bernie of his plans to draw comic books, but she is less than...

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