Captain Marvel #27

Marvel ⋅ 1973

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Key Facts

2nd appearance of Drax the Destroyer

3rd appearance of Thanos

1st full appearance of Eros, later named Starfox by Wasp in Avengers #232

[January 2022 - an unconfirmed Eros MCU spin-off project is rumored]

Issue Details




Jim Starlin


Mike Friedrich


July 1973


Rick Jones is imprisoned by Thanos on Titan and his memories copied by ISAAC, allowing Thanos to know the exact location of the Cosmic Cube - Dernieres Islands on Earth. (Later we are informed that Rick know the location because the Supreme Intelligence put this information inside his mind, in case he needed to save the Earth from "doomsday.")Thanos flies towards the Derniere Islands with Death and finds the Cosmic Cube, but Drax is already there to stop him. Meanwhile, Rick's romantic interest Lou-Ann goes to the Avengers' Mansion, asking for help with Rick Jones's membership card. Captain Marvel, Eros and Mentor battle Thanos' army of aliens controlling Titan and Captain Marvel fights against the Super-Skrull, killing him.

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