Crow, The #1

Caliber ⋅ 1989

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Key Facts

2nd appearance of the Crow

First solo series featuring the Crow

First, second and third printings are identical to one another but can be differentiated by the date printed on the inside front cover (First printing - February 1989)

Issue Details




James O'Barr


James O'Barr


February 1989


Part One: White Heat Tin Tin kills Bea (an old woman) Ratso and Fat Eddie.  Part Two: New Dawn Fades The Crow meets up with Tin Tin to deliver revenge. He then stops by to pay his respects to Top Dollar, who after The Crow dispatches everyone else in the room tires to bargain for his life.  Just like Tin Tin is doesn't work.  The Crow relives the time he was known as Eric Draven and his love with Shelly Webster.  It goes through there romance until she is shot in the head while she is making love with Eric by the Skull Cowboy.

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