Dark Horse Presents #22

Dark Horse ⋅ 1988

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Duckman, an actual duck who is a single-father with numerous unsavory personality traits

Issue Details


Dark Horse


Everett Peck


Everett Peck


September 1988


In this issue: A Concrete story by Paul Chadwick that ties in with Concrete's attempt to climb Mt. Everest (an adventure currently taking place in his own book), another installment of Ron Randall's futuristic bountyhunter Trekker, and the debut of Rick Geary's new regular feature: Police Beat! Plus other great features!ChaptersConcrete: "Goodwill Ambassador" The tale of Concrete's passage through a Tibetan village on his way to Everest as seen through the eyes of Kiryap, a young villager.Reflections: An illustrated prose story concerning an alternate future in which human cloning has become widespread.Police BeatTrekker: "Chinks" Aboard a space liner travelling back to New Gelaph from Gamma-7, Mercy St. Clair is left with plenty of time to contemplate the turn of events that lead to Vincent's death on Gamma-7 and the short-comings of her place in the world.Duckman: "Love Me Tender" At Duckman's behest, Cornfed Pig is subjected to a surprise, poorly thought through loyalty test.

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