DC Versus Marvel Comics #1

Newsstand ⋅ DC/Marvel ⋅ 1995

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December 1995


When a young man stumbles upon a cosmic anomaly, the DC and Marvel Universes begin to merge with some most unexpected results. The Juggernaut is running amok in Metropolis, the murderous Bullseye invades the Batcave, Robin the Boy Wonder pops up at Xavier's School for the Gifted, and J. Jonah Jameson is Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. Then, things get worse when the very fabric of reality threatens to destroy itself. Now, the champions of two universes must combat each other for the fate of their own existence. Includes the back-up feature "Decision '96" with dossiers on Superman, Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Storm, Wolverine, Lobo, Superboy, and Spider-Man. Plus, the ballot for the readers to vote and decide the pivotal battles and thus the outcome of this epic event.

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