Detective Comics #1022

Variant ⋅ DC ⋅ 2020

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Key Facts

Variant cover art by Lee Bermejo

Issue Details




Lee Bermejo


June 2020


UGLY HEART, PART THREE: INFLICTION Two-Face has added vigor and strength to his credo about duality, founding the Church of the Two and capturing Batman to make him a member: he tells the Dark Knight that no one can know true light if he does not live, at least for a period, by embracing complete darkness. Gotham City must learn this, and what better way to free up the dark side of its own protector, the Caped Crusader? As Bruce is falling in an acid bath, his baptism for the Church, he activates a safety valve in his suit which gives him a way to free himself and counter. Batman manages to escape and also save the life of all the members of the Church, even if some of them were damaged by the spilling acid.   Meanwhile, one of Two-Face's head henchmen, Vice, was commanded to "Do No Good" by the holy coin of Dent. His interpretation of the command is to blow up Gotham's New Hope Children's Hospital. Of course, the Dark Knight saves the day and takes the criminal to question him about how he met Dent and why Two-Face decided to start up this whole Church thing. He discovers from Vice that he and Versa found Dent after he shot a bullet in his head, without dying. Once there, the Joker came up, telling them to help bring Harvey to a "special" doctor, a friend of a friend. Joker brought Two-Face to Hugo Strange and, using technology he forced the Mad Hatter to make, he amplified Harvey's paranoia about duality while erasing some important memories from his brain. Then, the Joker told both Vice and Versa to encourage Harvey's new fixation about the Church of the Two. Learning this, Batman asks himself what in the hell the Joker has in mind for him right now.   Meanwhile, the clown prince of crime is out in the city, finding himself some new recruits for his big game against the Bat. And it seems he just hit the jackpot.

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