Detective Comics #110

DC ⋅ 1946
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Don Cameron


George Roussos


Curt Swan


John Daly


Win Mortimer


Win Mortimer

Cover Artist

Win Mortimer


Steve Brodie


April 1946


BATMAN AND ROBIN IN SCOTLAND YARD In London, a criminal has been successfully emulating the crimes of the fictional character James Moriarty, arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. The Scotland Yard Police are baffled at these crimes and they contact Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon to ask for Batman and Robin's assistance on this case. Bruce and Dick travel to England along with their trusted butler, Alfred, who is eager to return to his homeland. Upon arriving, Batman and Robin go to Scotland Yard, where Inspector Gow presents them with a special vehicle for their transportation while in London: the H.M.S. Batboat. Meanwhile, Alfred starts his detective hobby by going to the place where Sherlock Holmes used to live, unaware that the wanted criminals are using the place as hideout and thus, Alfred is kidnapped. Batman and Robin start the investigations, locating the trail of the abducted Alfred and in no time they find the criminals' hideout. In the ensuing fight, the criminals manage to escape, but Alfred proves his usefulness once more by telling the Dynamic Duo all the information he heard from the crooks while he was captured. Batman and Robin deduce that the criminals would strike at the Westminster Bridge and they hurry to the place on the Batboat. Using the Batarang Gun incorporated in the boat, they attach the crooks' boat, but the leader escapes. Batman follows the man to the Palace of Westminster, where the thug tries to eliminate Batman, but fails and is ultimately captured by Batman with a little help from Alfred. After the criminals are arrested, a secret statue of Batman and Robin is revealed at the Scotland Yard Museum as a show of gratitude towards the Dynamic Duo. CRIME GETS THE GONG THE CROOK WHO COULDN’T BE JAILED A FLATBUSH FROLIC

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