Detective Comics #211

DC ⋅ 1954

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Key Facts

Final appearance of Catwoman in the Golden Age

Due to the strict guidelines of the newly established Comics Code Authority, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne's relationship was deemed inappropriate, resulting in Catwoman's absence from comics for 12 years

In 1966, Catwoman was reintroduced in Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #70 (1966)

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5.0 sold for $1,000 [$500 in Nov] +100%

3.0 sold for $390 [$366 in 2021] +7%

Additionally earlier in May a 2.5 sold for an all-time high of $429

Issue Details




Win Mortimer


Edmond Hamilton


September 1954


THE JUNGLE CAT QUEEN! Catwoman steals a shipment of diamonds from a flying plane and after it lands, she escapes on her own Catplane. The police warn Batman and Robin about the latest Catwoman crime and they follow her on the Batplane towards a tropical island. Catwoman manages to damage and down the Batplane, forcing Batman to land on the island, where the Dynamic Duo are ambushed by Catwoman's henchmen. Catwoman and his gang take away Batman and Robin's weapons and give them head start to be hunted by Catwoman and her pet jungle cats. The heroes try to take down the gang, but without their equipment, and they are easily overwhelmed by the criminals and Catwoman's wild felines. The thugs decide to eliminate Batman over a high jungle waterfall. To ensure all evidence of his murder is destroyed, they give him his bat-suit and utility belt back, which allows Batman and Robin to avoid a certain death and round up the criminals. However, Catwoman is able to escape thanks to her wild cats and Batman and Robin vow to capture her the next time. MENANCE FROM OUTER SPACE! THE WORLD’S DEADLIEST CARGO! THE FORBIDDEN TRICK!

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