Detective Comics #258

DC ⋅ 1958
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Jack Miller


Sheldon Moldoff


Charles Paris


Joe Certa

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


August 1958


PRISONERS OF THE GIANT ROBOTS Batman and Robin tackle a gang that uses giant robots to commit crimes. The evil scientist Bartok has created powerful robots to perform crimes as a part of his genius plan to build a robot army that can think and look like humans. The Dynamic Duo trail the robots and discover Bartok's secret hideout. Upon arriving, the heroes are taken prisoners and locked away. However, Batman uses his own robot to free himself and destroy some of the machines. Batman and Robin finally capture Bartok and they inform the police about the secret hideout. Before being arrested, Bartok destroys all his robots to prevent them from being used while he is locked in prison. MR. DISASTER THE JINXED SHIP On a tramp steamer voyage, John Jones attempts to counter threats to the ship which appear to be products of a curse.

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