Detective Comics #259

DC ⋅ 1958

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Calendar Man

Issue Details




Sheldon Moldoff


Bill Finger


September 1958


THE CHALLENGE OF THE CALENDAR MAN Batman and Robin meet a new foe, the Calendar Man, who promises to frame crimes around the motif of the five seasons of the year. It is up to the Dynamid Duo to deduce the cryptic meaning of this threat while also trying to stop the crimes of the Calendar Man. For his crimes, the Calendar Man dresses in bizarre costumes that representing the season his crimes are meant to emulate. For spring, his costume resembles a flower; for summer, this costume can project heat energy; for autumn he uses a giant wind-machine while dressed in a "leaf" costume and finally for winter, his costume is a snowman. After four failed attempts to capture the villain, Batman finally deduces that Calendar Man's 5th season is that of the Monsoon Season in India. With that, Batman realizes that Calendar Man is posing as a Marajah the Magician and soon captures him. THE TINY CATASTROPHES THE GATEWAY KING Monty Moran, a criminal scientist, uses futuristic gimmicks of his own design to help his gang make safe and spectacular getaways from crimes he has them commit. The Martian Manhunter helps nab several members of his gang in two incidents. Then he trails a third unit of the gang to Moran's hideout, where he learns of the getaway genius's ultimate gimmick: a force-field. Using his powers invisibly, J'onn J'onzz herds Moran and the rest of his gang into the hands of the police.

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