Detective Comics #267

DC ⋅ 1959

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Bat-Mite, a mysterious impish version of Batman

Issue Details




Curt Swan


Bill Finger


May 1959


“…MEETS BAT-MITE” Bat-Mite, a hero-worshiping magical elf-being from another dimension, comes to Earth in hopes of helping Batman and Robin fight crime. The Dynamic Duo are reluctant, especially when he uses his magic to make their battles more "exciting". For instance, Bat-Mite bends a steel bridge like rubber and causes a giant disc to float in the air for several moments. Batman succeeds in capturing the crooks in each of these instances, but he has to come up with some sort of explanation for the incredible situations created by Bat-Mite. Despite being asked to leave his crime fighting efforts, Bat-Mite keeps nosing on Batman's missions, until his constant meddling allows some crooks to escape. Filled with regret, Bat-Mite apologizes to Batman, who in turn gives Bat-Mite the exact instructions to capture the crooks using a giant statue of Batman. Bat-Mite succeeds in capturing the criminals and he finally decides to leave the Dynamic Duo alone. However, before leaving, Bat-Mite implies that he intends to return - news poorly received by Batman and Robin. THE MYSTERY OF THE MAGIC SEA! JOHN JONES’ FAREWELL TO EARTH J'onn J'onzz encounters a squad of Jovian police in search of a criminal from their world who is hiding on Earth, and strikes a deal with them to catch the crook if they will take him back to Mars.

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