Detective Comics #575

DC ⋅ 1987

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Key Facts

"Year Two" part 1

1st appearance of the second Reaper, Judson Caspian

1st appearance Rachel Caspian

Issue Details




Alan Davis


Mike Barr


Paul Neary


Adrienne Roy


Richard Starkings


June 1987


BATMAN: YEAR TWO CHAPTER 1 - FEAR THE REAPER James Gordon has just been appointed the new Police Commissioner of Gotham City and he informs the media that his department will work closely with Batman and that for such purpose, he has installed the Bat-Signal on the rooftop of the GCPD Headquarters. The media however, criticizes Gordon's decision as the public sees no difference between Batman and the vigilante known as The Reaper, who used to operate in Gotham. Meanwhile, Batman continues his crusade, stopping crime and evil in all its forms.   Elsewhere, Rachel Caspian is glad to receive her father Judson back home after his long absence. The next day, Rachel joins Leslie Thompkins, who introduces her to Bruce Wayne, hoping that Bruce would become a benefactor for Rachel's charity organization. Bruce is charmed by Rachel's dedication to rid the world of evil and he attempts to approach at her, but learns that she will soon become a nun and he puts an end to his efforts. When Rachel returns home, she is informed that her father has gone out.  Judson Caspian walks the crime ridden streets of Gotham and upon returning home, he goes to a secret place in his house and opens a panel that reveals The Reaper's outfit inside. Taking up the mantle he abandoned years ago, Judson becomes The Reaper again and resumes his unholy crusade. As soon as this happens, Batman is summoned to the GCPD, where he is informed of this "new Reaper"'s activities. Gordon is convinced that there is someone else impersonating the former vigilante, but because of the patterns of the crimes, Batman deduces that this is the original Reaper.  Going to Bank Street, where the Reaper was first spotted, Batman locates the Reaper about to murder some prostitutes and he stops the killer. During the ensuing fight, Batman is beaten to a pulp and massacred by The Reaper, whose armor and weapons make him a formidable opponent. Batman is barely able to escape alive via the sewer system. Batman manages to crawl back to Wayne Manor, where Alfred and Leslie heal his wounds until he fully recovers. Upon recovering his strength, Bruce takes the decision to fight fire with fire and he chooses to confront The Reaper using Joe Chill's gun, the same that murdered his parents and he later retrieved from the crime scene.

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