Detective Comics #751

DC ⋅ 2000

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Sasha Bordeaux, initially served as a bodyguard to Bruce Wayne, then a partner and eventually worked for Maxell Lord

Issue Details




Dave Johnson


Greg Rucka


December 2000


A WALK IN THE PARK PART 1 Ever since 'No Man's Land', Poison Ivy has lived in Robinson Park, which has become inaccessible to all others. With her are many children, orphans of No Man's Land, along with a number of plant-people, the Feraks. Now, Mayor Dickerson wants to take back the park, and Commissioner Gordon is ordered to start spraying it with a deadly herbicide if Ivy will not leave until dawn.  Meanwhile, the board of directors at Wayne Enterprises have decided to employ a female bodyguard named Sasha Bordeaux for Bruce Wayne. Wayne strongly objects to the proposition, but Lucius Fox forces him to accept the decision by threatening to resign over the issue. At sunset, he gives his new bodyguard the slip and heads for Robinson Park as Batman. Hearing of the Mayor's ultimatum, he heads into the park on his own to talk to Poison Ivy. THE JACOBIAN PART 6 - THE MAGIC CHILD In the wartorn land of Retshk, the Jacobian encounters Maksim, a child with incredible mental powers, in some ways reminiscent of his own abilities. He is followed by the Mahmetchik, who are displeased that the boy has been taught these powers and utter a word to him - Oonooot, which means 'forget'. they also utter this word to the Jacobian and take him away.

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