Detective Comics #186

DC ⋅ 1952
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John Broome


David Vern


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Joe Certa


Ruben Moreira


Leonard Starr


Lew Sayre Schwartz


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Win Mortimer


July 1952


THE FLYING BAT-CAVE Robin is captured by some criminals and they use him to their advantage by forcing Batman to sign an agreement that he won't set foot in Gotham City for one week. In order to rescue Robin, Batman signs the agreement and shortly after, he starts planning how to fight crime if he's not supposed to set foot in Gotham. The criminals, who believe that they're going to have free reign to operate for a week, go out to the streets and start a large-scale crime spree. Suddenly, a big flying machine appears in the sky with the Bat-Signal engraved on its side. Batman has built a flying bat-cave to fight crime from above, without having to set foot on Gotham. Unable to commit crimes on the streets, the criminals decide to use the sewer system, but Batman has also prepared a machine for such eventuality. Using the underwater bat-osphere, Batman locates the thugs underground and he manages to stop them without breaking his promise. One criminal in the city is the only man satisfied with Batman working from the air, since that means he can't descend to the courthouse and testify against him during his trial. However, the DA and Batman have prepared a TV broadcast that allows Batman to testify in court. The thug has prepared a jamming signal to interrupt the broadcast, but Batman is able to disrupt the signal using the Giant Penny and thus, the criminal is finally convicted. On the last day of the week, some criminals try to eliminate the flying Batcave once and for all, but Batman and Robin jump down to earth as the thugs attack the flying machine and when the Dynamic Duo land on the rooftop of the building, they capture the criminals just as the weekends, proving that Batman never broke his promise. THE MAN WHO COULD IMITATE ANYTHING THE MAN WHO COULD READ ROBOTMAN’S MIND THE MYSTERY OF STOLEN ARROWS

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