Detective Comics #208

DC ⋅ 1954
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Dick Sprang


Joe Certa


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Ira Schnapp

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


June 1954


THE NINE WORLDS OF BATMAN Some gangsters use an experimental missile to rob a bank and Batman investigates the crime scene. He finds that the missile contained a secret formula, only developed by the Space Research College and in order to find the responsible, Batman and Robin join the college's volunteer staff to ferret out the truth. During their investigation, Batman and Robin become part of the crew exposed to different planet environments and after escaping certain perils created to destroy them, the Dynamic Duo find the criminal responsible and end his crime racket. THE MECHANICAL CRIME-BUSTER THE SHIP WITH A MAGIC MOTOR SCHOOL FOR BOY MAGICIANS

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