Detective Comics #261

DC ⋅ 1958

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Dr. Double X

Issue Details




Curt Swan


Dave Wood


November 1958


THE AMAZING DR. DOUBLE X! Dr. X, a costumed villain, separates an energy double with incredible powers from his body, dubs it Double X, and uses it to fight Batman and Robin. The heroes are outmatched by Dr. X and his double made of energy on nearly every encounter. One such encounter results after the Dynamic Duo are summoned by the Bat-Signal as a trap to capture them. Dr. X succeeds and takes them to his secret laboratory, where he uses his machine to separate Batman's energy from his body and create a Batman X. However, Batman used his own robot replica to trick Dr. X and overcomes the energy double before rescuing Robin. The Duo finally defeat Dr. X and deliver him to the authorities. THE MODERN SORCERER THE MIDGET MANHUNTER! John Jones tries to nab a crook who robs with a shrink ray, only to be shrunken himself.

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