Detective Comics #262

DC ⋅ 1958
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Jack Miller


Dave Wood


Sheldon Moldoff


Charles Paris


Joe Certa


Ruben Moreira


Gaspar Saladino

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


December 1958


THE JACKAL OF THE UNDERWORLD! A new crimelord appears in Gotham, disguised in the mask of Anubis, Egyptian god of the underworld, and using the "underworld" of Gotham City as a crime motif. Batman learns that the main suspect is Dr. Coombs, an archaeologist who had recently discovered the Anubis mask in an ancient Egyptian ruin and has become insane with its purported power. After a few confrontations with the Jackal, Batman finally deduces that Dr. Coombs is actually innocent and he has been framed by his assistant, Gibson, who is the criminal mastermind behind the whole crimes. Batman and Robin manage to overcome Gibson's traps and they capture the thug, ending his crime spree and taking a replica of the mask of Anubis to their trophy room. THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES THE ANIMAL CRIME KINGDOM A crime boss hits on the idea of using trained animals for pulling robberies. The gimmick works until John Jones learns of it and uses his Martian powers secretly to make the tactics backfire, leading the cops to his hideout.

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