Detective Comics #266

DC ⋅ 1959
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Bill Finger


Sheldon Moldoff


Joe Certa


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


April 1959


THE SATELLITE OF GOTHAM CITY Gotham City is plagued by a "satellite" with destructive powers, which opposes Batman and Robin. The destructive machine was created by an evil scientist called Astro, whose main purpose was to create an unstoppable machine to commit all sorts of crimes. On several occasions Batman and Robin are unable to stop the satellite from destroying private property and stealing valuable objects. The Batmobile is eventually burned by the machine, but Batman managed to capture some thugs, part of Astro's gang. After questioning the criminals, Batman managed to track the machine to Astro's hideout and the criminal was finally captured by Batman, Robin and the Gotham City Police Department. THE MAGIC SHOP THE CHALLENGE OF THE MASKED AVENGER John Jones's crime-fighting activities are hampered by the appearances of the Masked Avenger, a would-be hero who wants to impress his girlfriend.

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