Detective Comics #268

DC ⋅ 1959
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Bill Finger


Jack Miller


Sheldon Moldoff


Joe Certa


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


June 1959


THE POWER THAT DOOMED BATMAN During a test flight of a new jet plane, Batman passes through the tail of a comet. The radiation of the comet give him super-strength, but he will die from its effect within a week unless he can locate a reclusive professor to cure him. Soon the underworld learns of Batman's plight, and is looking for the professor as well to keep him out of Batman's hands. Batman performs amazing feats using his new super-power, while the entire city begins looking for the scientist. Unfortunately, the crooks find the professor first and they hide him from the rest of the world. When the time comes, Batman is apparently killed by the radiation, but it is later revealed that it was all a hoax to ferret out the criminals and their hideout. Once at reach, Batman and Robin capture the crooks and reach the professor, who manages to cure Batman and save his life. MYSTERY OF THE MERCURIAN MASQUERADER THE MIXED-UP MARTIAN POWERS The radiations of a meteorite distort J'onn J'onzz's powers.

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