Detective Comics #270

DC ⋅ 1959
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Jack Miller


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Sheldon Moldoff


Joe Certa


Ruben Moreira


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Curt Swan


June 1959


THE CREATURE FROM PLANET X A giant green alien arrives on Earth outside Gotham City and is duped into helping a gang of crooks, with Batman and Robin struggling to show him the error of his ways. Batman tries to reason with the alien, but the crooks have convinced him too strongly of their lie. When the United States Air Force arrives and tries to take the alien down, Batman finds a way to save the alien, who finally realizes his mistake. The Police arrest the criminals and the alien returns to his home planet via a beam of light. THE CITY THAT TIME FORGOT THE HUNTED MARTIAN John Jones goes to Africa to hunt down Rod Mulloy, an escaped fugitive from America. He hooks up with a jungle guide, Dirk Johnson, to help him track Mulloy. But when danger from attacking animals befalls Jones twice, he secretly switches to his Martian form and deals with the threats. Then, returning to his John Jones identity, he deduces that "Johnson" is really Mulloy himself, arrests him, and has him reveal where the real Johnson is held captive.

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