Detective Comics #272

DC ⋅ 1959
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Jack Miller


Sheldon Moldoff


Joe Certa


Charles Paris

Cover Artist

Curt Swan

Cover Artist

Stan Kaye


October 1959


THE CRYSTAL CREATURE Nuclear waste mutates sea life into a "Crystal Creature" that consumes metal, and Batman and Robin must save Gotham City from its menace. Things worsen when some crooks try to capitalize on the presence of the crystal creature and they pose as the monster, distracting the Dynamic Duo from their main concern. After the normal crooks are captured, Batman and Robin confront the crystal creature and using a special device that emits high frequency vibrations, the heroes destroy the creature and save Gotham City. ROY RAYMOND’S FANTASTIC POWERS THE SUPER-SLEUTH’S BODYGUARD When gang boss Willie Harper is caught by detective John Jones and sent to prison, he vows his gang will take revenge on Jones. Captain Harding assigns Officer Mike Hanson to be Jones's bodyguard. The gang makes several attempts on Jones's life, which Hanson believes he alone wards off, but in reality it is J'onn J'onzz invisibly thwarting the Harper gang. Later, J'onzz gives Hanson an unseen hand in capturing the Harper gang.

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