Detective Comics #343

DC ⋅ 1965
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Gardner Fox


John Broome


Carmine Infantino

Cover Artist

Carmine Infantino


September 1965


THE SECRET WAR OF THE PHANTOM GENERAL! When Nazi war criminal General Von Dort steals M-244 using military techniques in Gotham City, in order to build a death ray, but he attracts the attention of Batman and Robin, who travel to South America to stop him. Teaming up with the Elongated Man, the three heroes have to overcome the power of Von Dort's hypnotic monocle in order to save the world from his tyranny. Elongated Man and Robin are overcome by the hypnotic power of the monocle, but Batman finds a way to resist the spell and defeats the criminal, bringing him to the American authorities and recovering the dealy weapon he was building.

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