Detective Comics #366

DC ⋅ 1967
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Gardner Fox


John Broome


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Henry Boltinoff


Carmine Infantino

Cover Artist

Carmine Infantino


Sid Greene


June 1967


THE ROUND-ROBIN DEATH THREATS! Bruce Wayne receives a mysterious letter that burns spontaneously as soon as he has finished reading it and from the ashes comes a strange chemical that forces him to act strangely. He is utterly compelled to reach Commissioner Gordon's house in order to dial a frequency on the radio. On his way there, Batman takes a detour to stop a crime in progress and as soon as he is done, he rushes to Gordon's home. In the meantime, Alfred has informed Dick Grayson about the strange events and the teen wonder analyzes the remains of the burnt letter in the Batcave using special equipment that allows him to recreate the original letter. When Robin learns the content of the letter, he rushes to meet Batman at Gordon's place and stops him from tuning on the radio dial. Robin manages to arrive in time to stop Commissioner Gordon from tuning on the radio frequency and a few seconds later, from the radio comes a dart that would have murdered Gordon. Batman finally comes out of his trance and after Robin explains the nature of the message in the letter, they understand that Batman has been a victim of a murder plot, but after this realization, Commissioner Gordon falls into a similar trance and he starts going towards what the Dynamic Duo assume would be another murder attempt. The heroes prevent Gordon from killing another man, and they do so with the next victim. The chain goes on until Batman and Robin are not able to follow the latest victim of the strange trance. After hours of unsuccessful search, they return home and Robin decides to go to bed, since he has to go to school early the next day. In the meantime, Batman starts writing a message for Robin in which he explains that all of the people who had been used in the murder chain were responsible for the capture of a dangerous criminal in the past and that it is most likely that they all have been marked to die by that same person. Batman has also deduced that the last target in the murder chain is none other than Bruce Wayne, and he finishes his clue for Robin, which he has written in the style of a last will. ROBBER ROUND-UP IN KIDDY CITY!

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