Fallen Angels #2

Marvel ⋅ 1987

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Gomi, a cyborg with two cybernetically-enhanced lobsters

1st appearance of Bill and Don the lobster

Issue Details




Kerry Gammill


Jo Duffy


May 1987


Sunspot and the street urchin Chance were defenseless against street thugs.  Brutes began on Sunspot allowing Chance to escape through a doorway provided by her friend Ariel.  Warlock showed up in time to save Sunspot, his bizarre alien appearance and speech scared the thugs away.  Warlock joined Sunspot in his self-imposed exile.  Sunspot checks the door that Chance escaped through but there is nothing there.   After deciding that he should act more like a villain, Sunspot ripped down a front door threatening to steal the contents of the building.  However, the property was a church and he immediately fled in shame.  With the front door still ripped off the hinges, more criminals appear to loot the church.  They were stopped by a strange little blond boy with thick-rimmed glasses (Gomi). Meanwhile, Moira MacTaggert arrived in America with Jamie Madrox and Siryn.  Moira stayed at the school with Magneto while Multiple Man and Siryn began to search New York for the two runaways with a portable version of Cerebro.  At the bus terminal, Multiple Man multiplied and sent his duplicates out around the city.  Some of his duplicates become distracted from their mission; one offered to help a lady carry her luggage.  A couple of duplicates passed the strange boy, Gomi, on the street, who appeared to warn an unseen companion not to go into a seafood restaurant.   The duplicates found Sunspot and Warlock, and Gomi joined them soon after.  Gomi and his lobster friends, Bill & Don, wanted to collect Sunspot for the group the Fallen Angels.  The two runaway New Mutants were then convinced to join the group by their leader, The Vanisher.  Siryn spotted them as they all walked through the door to the local seafood restaurant.  She pursued them, but when she opened the door the boys were nowhere in sight; there was only a room full of diners eating a fancy seafood cuisine.

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