Fantastic Four #94

Marvel ⋅ 1970
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Key Facts

1st appearance of Agatha Harkness, Franklin Richards’ nanny and a mentor to Scarlet Witch

1st appearance of Ebony, Agatha's cat who turns into a demon-like creature

First mention of the name Franklin Richards

[October 2021 - Agatha will be featured in her own Disney+ series]

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Issue Details




Jack Kirby


Stan Lee


January 1970


THE RETURN OF THE FRIGHTFUL FOUR Deciding to name their baby Franklin Benjamin Richards (honoring both Sue's father and Ben) Reed informs his friends that they are going to bring baby Franklin to a child rearing expert named Agatha Harkness, who lives in a mansion on Whisper Hill. What the team is unaware of is that the Frightful Four has reunited and plans to attack during their visit with Agatha Harkness.   That night after introductions are made, the FF retire for the night as guests of Agatha. When the Frightful Four break into the mansion, they incapacitate Ben and the Torch, then trap Reed and Sue in their room. Planning to kidnap Franklin, they are first stopped by Medusa who had only joined up with the group to help protect the FF from them. However, she is bound by the Trapster's paste, but the Frightful Four are then defeated by Agatha and her cat Ebony, unleashing her magical might and defeating each member with ease.   When the FF free themselves, they are shocked to find all the villains defeated. They find Agatha quietly rocking Franklin to sleep. When the Thing spies a book about the Salem witches, Agatha hints at the fact that she herself is truly a witch, which spooks Ben.

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