Fantastic Four #50

UK Edition ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 1966
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February 1966


THE STARTLING SAGA OF THE SILVER SURFER! The Silver Surfer arrives to try and stop his master from destroying the Earth. No matter how hard he tries he is not able to stop Galactus. However, the confrontation does give Johnny the time he needs to return from Galactus's ship out in deep space with the one weapon that can stop Galactus: The Ultimate Nullifier. When Reed threatens to use it against Galactus, he agrees to spare the Earth and leave if Reed gives him back the weapon.   True to his word, Galactus leaves but not before first relieving the Silver Surfer of his herald duties and removing the Silver Surfer's space-time powers. The Silver Surfer is thus exiled on the planet he vowed to save, no longer able to roam the galaxies. After the battle Alicia arrives to thank the Silver Surfer for his help, causing the jealous Thing to think that she's choosing the Surfer over him. The Thing quietly walks away feeling nothing but rejection. The Silver Surfer also departs, vowing to return once he's traversed all the Earth.   As life returns to normal the press dismisses the Galactus fiasco as a hoax. While one man takes interest in news reports of the Thing roaming the city, at Metro College the unreliable football star Whitey Mullins gives Coach Thorne a tongue lashing after being scolded for not being a team player. At the Baxter Building, Sue storms out when Reed once again ignores her in favor of his experiments. Finally, Johnny arrives at his first day of college at Metro University. There he meets Wyatt Wingfoot and the two become fast friends, but as the two are meeting with the Dean, Johnny can't help but think about Crystal who is still trapped in the Hidden Land behind Maximus's Negative Zone barrier.

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