Generation X #1

Marvel ⋅ 1994

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Chamber

1st appearance of Emplate, Marius St. Croix, a psychic vampire

1st cameo appearance of Penance, later revealed to be the real Monet St. Croix

Chromium wraparound cover

Issue Details




Chris Bachalo


Scott Lobdell

Cover Artist

Chris Bachalo


Richard Starkings




Mark Buckingham


Steve Buccellato


Electric Crayon


November 1994


Generation X is formed, and all the members meet their new sanctuary, and also get to see their own "danger room." This issue also marks the debut of the new mutant Chamber, whose arrival in the United States is greeted by the mysterious new enemy Emplate who feeds on mutant bone marrow.At the end, Penance appears suddenly outside the institute.SynopsisPaige Guthrie, a new student at Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning, jogs in the early morning preparing herself to be the absolute best. Intending to be a leader, she wants to set an example for her new peers.Paige's enthusiasm and drive, however, had awoken fellow student Jubilation Lee (also known as the X-Men's Jubilee). Dressed in big, fuzzy house slippers, pajamas, and her famous yellow trenchcoat, Jubilation rants about her lack of sleep and "hayseed"'s loud workout video that blasted in the early hours of the morning.Paige brushes off Jubilee and readies for class. With her mutant ability to shed her outer layer of skin in favor of a new one, Paige cleans herself up by shedding her sweat with a fresh new epidermis. Grossed out, Jubilee recalls her time with the X-Men until she is interrupted by Monet St. Croix who lands from a brief flight.Monet St. Croix, whose abilities range from self-propelled flight to incredible strength, is a very confident and sarcastic young woman. Jubilee warns Monet about using her powers in public, but Monet brushes off her concerns. The two begin to argue, but they are interrupted by their headmaster, Sean Cassidy (also known as the mutant superhero Banshee).Monet informs Mr. Cassidy that she is expecting a few of her belongings to arrive. He puts it upon himself to take care of the luggage, but is surprised when he finds several trucks head into the driveway.Elsewhere, Jonothan Starsmore, covered in black leather with a scarf covering his mouth, is making his way to the school from his home in England. A curious passenger sitting several rows away from Jono watches from...

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