Hack / Slash #1

Devil's Due Publishing ⋅ 2007

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Key Facts

Premiere issue of the first ongoing Hack/Slash series

Issue Details


Devil's Due Publishing


Tim Seeley


Tim Seeley


May 2007


Cassie was used as bait to lure in a slasher, who has captured her and tortures her by removing two of her toes in between flashbacks to the original "Hack/Slash" one-shot. Vlad frees her and Cassie breaks down to tears at where their life has gotten her. Later, she's taken in hell by a cadre of rock singers who bargained success for the ritual periodic sacrifice of virgins, and once again is up to Vlad saving the situation, losing his virginity to be able to take Cassie back from Hell.The Next three issues will deal with Cassie and Vlad Fighting.Ms America,Father Wrath,And a Killer of Lesbians

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