Harbinger #1

Valiant ⋅ 1992

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Key Facts

1st team appearance of the Renegades, Harbinger Resistance Group

1st appearance of Sting, Peter Stanchek

1st appearance of Zephyr, Faith Herbert

1st appearance of Torque, Flamingo and Kris

1st team appearance of the Eggbreakers

Included in issues #1 - #6 was a Mail Away Coupon that, collectively, were redeemable for a variant of Harbinger #0 with a pink cover

[February 2022 - Deadline reports reports Wes Ball to direct for Paramount]

Issue Details




David Lapham


Jim Shooter


January 1992


Omega-powered psionic, Peter Stanchek, and his girlfriend, Kris Hathaway, are on the run. Only by recruiting Pete's fellow Harbingers -- Torque, Flamingo, and Zephyr-- can they hope to stay one step ahead of the Harbinger Foundation.Escaping the Harbinger Foundation with his girlfriend, Kris, Pete Stanchek recruits other Harbingers to join the fight against Toyo Harada and his world-conquering plans. Possessing the Omega Power, which allows him to bring out the latent talents in other Harbingers, Pete enlists the flying Zepplin, the pyrokinetic Flamingo, and the super-strong Torque. With Harbinger troops in hot pursuit, their struggles begin!Contains a coupon for Harbinger # 0 Pink.1st appearance:LumpThumper

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