Hit Comics #25

Quality ⋅ 1942

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Key Facts

1st appearance and origin of Kid Eternity

Issue Details




Sheldon Moldoff


Otto Binder


December 1942


The Origin of Kid Eternity, art by Sheldon Moldoff; A boy and his grandfather are torpedoed in their boat by a Nazi sub and killed, but when the lad reaches the Pearly Gates, his name is not on the list to die. The Death-House Blues starring Betty Bates, art by Al Bryant. Dan Tootin humor page, script by Jack Cole, art by Jack Cole [as Ralph Johns]. A Lesson For Bill Jones, script and art by George Brenner [as Wayne Reid]; The Ghost tracks down an American defector named Jones, a man who has tried to dodge the draft. Men With Two Faces starring Stormy Foster, art by Rudy Palais. The Incendiary Comic Book starring Bob and Swab, script and art by Klaus Nordling. Prisoner In a Chinese Laundry starring Don Glory, art by John Belfi. Magnificent Bill; When Bill says the magic phrase, "Jeepers Creepers!", he is mysteriously endowed with super-strength, invulnerability and speed. 

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