Incredible Hulk #449

Marvel ⋅ 1996

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Key Facts

1st team appearance of The Thunderbolts: Citizen V (formerly Baron Zemo), Atlas (formerly Goliath), Mach-1 (formerly Beetle), Songbird (formerly Screaming Mimi), Meteorite (formerly Moonstone II), Techno (formerly Fixer)
[February 2019 - 🚨 KEY COLLECTOR COMICS EXCLUSIVE - a Thunderbolts series is in development]
[SDCC 2022 - Thunderbolts confirmed]

Issue Details

Publisher Marvel
Writer Peter David
Colorist Glynis Oliver
Letterer Comicraft
Inker Tom Wegrzyn
Letterer Richard Starkings
Artist Mike Deodato Jr.
Published November 1996

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