Iron Fist #6

Marvel ⋅ 1976

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Key Facts

Origin of Misty Knight, how she lost her arm

1st full appearance of Jeryn Hogarth

Issue Details




Gil Kane


Chris Claremont


August 1976


 The issue starts out with Iron Fist leaping from a glider to sneak attack a fortress in Jera'ad al-din, Halwan. Iron Fist quickly sneaks into the fortress taking out various guardsmen. As he moves through the Master's Fortress it is revealed that Iron Fist is in search of his girlfriend Colleen Wing. A flashback to London days earlier shows Danny Rand in conversation with Alan Cavanaugh - Colleen Wing is currently missing and Danny has been unable to find any clues to her whereabouts. Danny is picked up in London on a private jet by Jeryn Hogarth after receiving a telegram from the lawyer.. Misty Knight is on the flight - the first time Danny has seen her since she lost her arm. Jeryn reveals his identity as Wendell Rand's lawyer and informs Danny that he is actually a millionaire. Misty's NIght-Wing Restorations, Ltd. company had assisted Hogarth in confirming Danny's identity. Hogarth has a lead on Colleen Wing's location. Iron Fist suits up and prepares to assault the Master's Fortress. Before he para-glides from Hogarth's plane Misty Knight hands Iron Fist Colleen Wing's samurai sword. The flashback ends with Iron Fist attacking the fortress guards. As an interlude the Dragon Lord is seen watching Iron Fist in a strange green crystal. Lei Kung the Thunderer bursts into the Dragon Lord's chambers accusing the Dragon Lord of usurping the throne of K'un Lun from Wendell Rand - the Dragon Lord was Lord Tuan's second son. The Dragon Lord was jealous of Wendell and it is intimated that he even coveted Wendell's wife - Iron Fist's mother. The interlude ends and Iron Fist finds Colleen Wing. However, she quickly attacks him with the aid of Angar the Screamer who disorients Iron Fist. After a terrific battle, Iron Fist uses his Chi - the Power of the Iron Fist - to free Colleen Wing from her brainwashing - ending her attack. As Iron Fist kneels over Colleen Wing new soldiers enter the chamber and seize Iron Fist. Master Khan, from the shadows, orders Iron Fist's death...

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