Iron Man #55

Marvel ⋅ 1973

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Thanos, an Eternal from Titan born with the Deviants gene

1st cameo appearance of Eros aka Starfox, brother of Thanos

1st appearance of Kronos, Grandfather of Thanos

1st appearance of Mentor, father of Thanos

1st appearance of Drax the Destroyer, created by Kronus to kill Thanos

1st appearance of the Blood Brothers

Issue Details




Jim Starlin


Jim Starlin


February 1973


Drax is in a strange room, conected to a machine, sending a message to Iron Man: "Beware, Beware, Beware the Blood Brothers!... but the warning arrives to late, because the two giant vampires called the Blood Brothers are already battling Iron Man inside his mansion. When they knock out Iron Man, a strange spaceship arrives and leaves with them. They land inside a Southwest montain, where Drax is arrested by Thanos. Drax is lost in his thoughts, explaining to us how he had reached Iron Man's mind and told him about Thanos:He starts talking about Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn, a land that the super computer ISAAC coordinates. The people of Titan are higly advanced scientists and engineers and are reigned by Mentor and his sons Eros and Thanos. Thanos had tried to steal the power of his father by creating guns in a world where these thing don't exist, and was banished by his own father from Titan. Thanos swear vengeance and made an army of different aliens to take Titan back for himself. Mentor asked for help to Kronos, the father of the Universe, and he grown Drax, the Destroyer from the soil wtih the only mission of destroy Thanos. Thanos destroyed every allied of Thanos and then they finally met and fought. At the end, the planet where they were itself exploded and Thanos had captured Drax.Back to the montain, Iron Man manages to escape from the Blood Brothers, but before he could release Drax, Thanos captures him again. Meanwhile in Titan, ISAAC susceeds on finding Drax, and then Mentor sends a magnetic pulse throwgh the space that reaches the chest plate of Iron Man's armor and releases Drax. Iron Man and Drax defeat the Blood Brothers but Thanos again shows up, but when Iron Man punches him, they realizes that it was only a robot. Thanos had left his robot there just to delay our heroes and explode the montain. Iron Man and Drax escapes one more time, just in time.

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