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  • 1st appearance of Ikol, a future Loki who is merely an echo of Loki's younger self
  • [Theory - throughout the first three phases of the MCU, Loki‘s Hero’s Journey began as a villain and ended as a martyr. According to Tom Hiddleston, the Disney+ series is going to feature the villain Loki after he stole the Tesseract in the 2012 sequence of Endgame. Loki might travel to the future where he encounters himself as an old, failed god and then to his past to influence his younger self to avoid a bleak future. A mischievous young Loki could outwit his older self and travel to the time of the present MCU. Reminder: this is only a theory]
Publisher Marvel
Published June 2011
Written By Kieron Gillen
Illustrated By Stephanie Hans